​About Us

Resolve Health LLC provides a platform for wellness and medication management to self-insured institutions and healthcare consumers around the United States. To that extent, Resolve has developed a proprietary software, IQRx®, to facilitate successful use of pharmacogenomic data for medical management.  Resolve Health also is an innovative leader in providing Nutrigenomics testing to self-insured institutions as well as directly to healthcare consumers around the United States.

Resolve Health was founded in early 2016 by a team of seasoned biomedical executives experienced in commercializing and operating both innovative medical devices companies and genetics laboratories.

Genetics can affect one's response to medicines while in the work place. Taking medications that are not the right fit for each individual can not only increase the chances of unwanted side effects and lack of therapeutic benefit, but also will drive up pharmacy spend for companies.

A person's results in combination with Resolve Health's IQRx® are used to maximize drug efficacy while minimizing adverse drug effects and drug-drug interactions, and to truly maximize real-time benefit can be integrated into pharmacy management software and EHR software.

Resolve Health has developed an intelligent medication management system specifically for self-insured employers, employee wellness clinics, pharmacy benefit managers, and workers comp organizations. After a simple cheek swab, IQRx® brings together the employee’s pharmacogenomic profile with clinical and economic analytics to validate the reduction in overall healthcare spend to self-insured employers. IQRx® combines the latest molecular technology (the pharmacogenomic test) with Resolve Health’s proprietary data analytics and risk stratification algorithm. IQRx® can quickly analyze each employee and the medicine that would have a high probability of working based on his/her genetics.