Resolve Health is at the forefront of Nutritional Genomics, or Nutrigenomics (NGx), the study of the interaction of nutrition and genes.  Out products offer healthcare practitioners an unparalleled depth of insight into personal dietary needs and exercise performance.  ​

The personalized medicine approach to healthcare will allow for more precise, predictable and preventive health care that is customized for the individual.

A thorough understanding of these specific genes ​provides advanced medical practitioners and patients with uniquely personalized treatments for optimal health in the areas of:

  • Diet and Weight Management
  • Health and Chronic Disease Risk Management
  • Sport and Athletic Performance and Recovery Requirements From High-Intensity Exercise
  • Women's Wellness
  • Neurologic Health
  • Skin Health

Resolve Health provides a platform for wellness and medication therapy management to self-insured institutions around the United States. To that extent, we have developed a proprietary software, IQRx®, to facilitate successful use of pharmacogenomic data for medication selection and management.  Resolve Health also is an innovative leader in providing Nutrigenomics testing to self-insured institutions and healthcare consumers around the United States.

​​NUTRIGENOMICS:  Nutritional Genomics 

​​​PharmacoGenOMICS and Medication Therapy Management 

Maximize healthy & productive Performance through Understanding YOUR genetics. 


Genetics can affect an individual’s response to medications both at home and while in the work place.  Taking medications that are not the right fit for each person can not only increase the chances of unwanted side effects and lack of therapeutic benefit, but also will drive up pharmacy spend.

Some of medicines have more critical pharmacogenomic relevance and classified as safety-sensitive medications taken by those in safety-sensitive positions.  Pharmacogenomic testing is the study of how a person’s genetic makeup affects that individual’s response to medications. Combined with IQRx®, a person's pharmacogenomic profile develops a strategy to optimize drug therapies and maximize drug efficacy while minimizing adverse drug effects and drug-drug interactions. 

  • Are my employees taking the right drug?
  • If a healthcare provider knew their genetic profile, could they more accurately prescribe the right drug at the right dose, the first time?
  • Are there other drugs being taken to simply combat the side effects from the primary drug? 

IQRx®: a valuable tool to fight rising pharmacy costs and reduce Adverse Drug Reaction risk.
Resolve Health’s Intelligent Prescribing solution, IQRx®, assists in identifying those are risk of adverse medication reaction while and proactively utilization pharmacogenomic profiles on a real time basis, integrated into pharmacy management or EHR systems.  The result is a return on investment by making more efficient the prescribing process, reducing pharmacy spend while reducing the risks associated with Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR), thus improving patient or employee health and productivity.

​With 82% of American adults taking at least one drug and 29% of those adults taking five or more drugs, employers MUST ask themselves these questions: